Manifest like a Master

8 weeks of Manifesting exercises and techniques

Get clear on how manifesting and the law of attraction work

Learn the steps and mindset you need to manifest what you want every time

Gain an understanding of how to lean into your intuition

Build up your manifesting confidence

Visualizing strategies that work

Feelings and how to use them to manifest faster

Journaling to figure out if what you want is REALLY what you want

Keeping negativity at bay



Allow me to guide you thru the manifesting process with practical, simple steps that work

This is for you if:

You are brand new to manifesting

You have done it for years but suddenly it’s not working for you

You can manifest small things, but struggle with the big stuff

You desire to manifest and live your dream life

You are tired of not having what you want


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Manifest like the Master of your life you were born to be!

Make Your Dreams Your Reality

I will guide you thru the manifesting process, break it down into simple actions and

show you how to implement it with  ease, using the same steps I have taken to create my

dream life, manifest winning two cars, trips, a log cabin house on the perfect lake,

working from home, traveling, making money simply thru sharing the things I already

do everyday and so much more.



Here’s what you will get!

—-  Eight group coaching calls via Zoom

—-  1:1 Healing session with me to jump start your manifesting

—-  A Private face book group with other Manifesting Masters

—-  Journaling prompts to open up your receiving capacity


—- Guided meditations


>>    VALUE: Priceless   <<<

But only $1295




Gain the ability to manifest with ease and learn that manifesting doesn’t have to ever be hard for you again

Receive healing for anything standing in the way of your manifesting

Learn you are worthy of manifesting whatever your heart desires

Become Confident that you know how to manifest and can create the life of your dreams

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My Name is Sara Schroeder, your Dream life Manifestation Coach, helping you manifest with ease and create the most Abundant life possible.