Writers gonna write

Sounds a bit like ” Haters gonna hate”? Good! That’s what I was going for. 

I say “Writers gonna write”, because we thrive on writing, we get grumpy when a day or a week goes by that we don’t or can’t find the precious time to write.

As a child, I had to rhyme words. That was the only way I wrote poems. They just had to rhyme, like all the time.

Then when I got older, I wrote short stories.

Now, as an adult, I write Romance stories and positive affirmations. My other passions are anything having to do with manifesting, The Law of Attraction and your souls purpose. Get me talking about those and you will have a hard time keeping me quiet!

Tell me what you write about, want to write and your passions.

What is….

What is your story? Where did you begin? Where are you going and where will you end?

Do you even know? Are you mapping it out? Tracking how you will go?

Take a pen and paper and please write it down. You might be pleasantly surprised to see what you have found.

Your ideas, thoughts and dreams are yours to show us all, you may stumble along the way, but if you keep trying you won’t fall.

Take time today to ask yourself the above, take even more time to show someone love.

Who are you, and what do you want?

Great question to ask yourself every now and again. Who are you? What do you bring to peoples lives? What do you stand for? What do you fight for? What are you passionate about? What are you fearful of? Who do you WANT to be?

What do you want out of life? What do you want to be remembered for? When people hear your name, what do they think about you?

 Who are you and what do you want????


What IS your message to the world? What is your message to your friends? Co workers? Social media? We ALL are sharing our message every time we write a post, or share a photo or quote.

Sometimes it’s funny, complaining, debating, spiritual, uplifting, informative. Sometimes are message changes, just like this font.

But what is your CORE, UNDERLINING, ALWAYS SHINING THRU (whether good or not so good) message?

Lets look at your social media. I could have several people read thru your posts of any of your sites ( Facebook, Twitter, insta gram) and they could tell me what YOUR CORE MESSAGE IS.

What are you posting? What are you passionate about? What do you talk about, show pictures of? It tells everyone the story of YOU. THAT IS YOUR MESSAGE TO THE WORLD! 

Now, at any given time you can CHANGE YOUR MESSAGE. Isn’t that awesome? You have the power to change your message to the world, however you want! 

My question is…will your message STAY CHANGED AND INTACT? Or will the old negative thoughts and habits sneak thru? 


Whatever it is or whatever you want it to be, you get to be the ONLY ONE TO DECIDE! 

I challenge you today to check your message you are putting out there.


Did you think I said a different “SH” word? I would never say THAT word to anyone! I want you to BE YOU! LOUD, BOLD, OUTGOING, EXPRESSIVE. SO SHIFT UP! 

Shifting up, means getting in touch with the REAL YOU. The BEST you, Because the the REAL you IS the BEST YOU!

So, I implore YOU to SHIFT UP! BE YOURSELF, but be the HAPPY, LOVING, LAUGHING version of YOU.

How do you SHIFT UP? You look at yourself, your life, your surroundings and be THANKFUL! Graditude is the core requirement to SHIFT UP. 

Next, be thankful for your job ( it might be crummy…but let me tell you, you WILL NEVER SHIFT UP to a better job, until you are THANKFUL for the crummy one). Not happy with your house? Your car? STOP RIGHT NOW and SAY OUTLOUD ” I AM SO THANKFUL I HAVE A HOUSE, A CAR, A JOB!” Keep saying it until you FEEL THANKFUL! Allow GRADITUDE to reach your heart! 

Every day….let me re phrase this…EVERY SINGLE DAY….find something to be grateful for! Speak outloud as you are driving to work ” I am so thankful I have this car to drive to my job, that pays my bills, puts food on the table.” I don’t care if that job isn’t covering ALL your bills…BE GRATEFUL ANYWAY! SPEAK GRADITUDE UNTIL YOU SHIFT UP TO A BETTER JOB! A BETTER CAR! A BETTER LIFE! 


Thank you for reading this, for following my blog and for sharing this message! 

Five Seconds…

Just five seconds to stare into space, five seconds to finish the race. Five seconds ticking by, five seconds to give it a try. Five seconds wishing you well, five seconds going thru hell. Five seconds to contemplate, five seconds to combat hate. 

What will you do with your next five seconds?

Five seconds ticking by….

Roses are Red….

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. Don’t give up your dreams for anyone but YOU!

And that’s only if you change your dream. Never compromise your life long dreams. You can find ways to fit your dream into your life with a spouse, career and even kids. Whatever your dream is, you must go after it or you won’t be a whole person, you will always feel empty inside.

The Wine Poem….

I will drink wine at a bar, or in my house, I might drink it in my car, or with my spouse.

I will drink it on a boat, or on a beach, I will drink it while I wear a coat, or give a speech.

I will drink it here or there, I will drink wine anywhere! 

At a bar, in my car, in my house or with my spouse, in a boat, or on a beach, with my coat or while I give a speech.

I will drink wine everywhere.


You didn’t realize I was even gone did you?
Thats ok. You will realize I WAS gone, because I am going to Bloggity, blog, blog, blog!!!

Where was I? On Facebook, but I allowed a little forgotten gmail password to stop me dead in my tracks!

Why? Well, the old 2016 ME used to let little things stop her.
But the 2017 ME, says NO WAY! I have words and thoughts in my head and even if no one cares, I am going to blog until I am dead! Hey, it rhymed….I had to do it.
My intent (new word to replace the word #goal) is to get some words on here every couple days. They might be random, crazy words or they might be deep heart felt words.
That’s the beauty of blogging….it can be whatever you …I CHOOSE!!
I can even blog a few times a day, if the mood hits me!
The page is blank and mine to fill!

What is something you are doing different in 2017?

I also got my hair cut short!! It was like cutting away part of the old me to make room for the NEW ME!!
It’s short and sassy to fit my height and personality!

I have an appointment to get to…but I will be back! My next INTENT is to tackle canva….and clean my house! 😊

Move your Mountain!

God has given us the power of FAITH to move the mountains in our lives. We make the mistake of asking God to move or remove our problems, pains, sickness, fears etc. We are called to use our FAITH and BELIEVE that when say to our mountain to MOVE, BE GONE, LEAVE…. it has no choice but to OBEY our FAITH in GOD’S POWER HE HAS GIVEN US.