About Sara

Sara Schroeder started manifesting things before she even knew there was a name for it. Her positive attitude and joyous outlook in life even thru obstacles caused whatever things she thought about, to come about. At a very young age she thought she was weird, so she kept this powerful discovery to herself.

That was until she read the book “The secret” and she realized what she had been thinking was a special magical power, was actually a law, as simple as the law of gravity. It was the Law of attraction. Sara was exalted to learn anyone could use this law in their favor to attract whatever they wanted into their life. She also realized she had done this with winning cars, having someone else buy her a car and when she wanted to find her lime green SUV.

She had also done this to attract her spouse of 30 years, her children, her businesses, writing her books, finding the perfect log cabin lake house, on the perfect lake.

Sara soon realized this was a gift she had to teach other’s how to use to enrich their lives, live in joy, peace and abundance.

That is how she started her Dream life manifesting business.