Did you think I said a different “SH” word? I would never say THAT word to anyone! I want you to BE YOU! LOUD, BOLD, OUTGOING, EXPRESSIVE. SO SHIFT UP! 

Shifting up, means getting in touch with the REAL YOU. The BEST you, Because the the REAL you IS the BEST YOU!

So, I implore YOU to SHIFT UP! BE YOURSELF, but be the HAPPY, LOVING, LAUGHING version of YOU.

How do you SHIFT UP? You look at yourself, your life, your surroundings and be THANKFUL! Graditude is the core requirement to SHIFT UP. 

Next, be thankful for your job ( it might be crummy…but let me tell you, you WILL NEVER SHIFT UP to a better job, until you are THANKFUL for the crummy one). Not happy with your house? Your car? STOP RIGHT NOW and SAY OUTLOUD ” I AM SO THANKFUL I HAVE A HOUSE, A CAR, A JOB!” Keep saying it until you FEEL THANKFUL! Allow GRADITUDE to reach your heart! 

Every day….let me re phrase this…EVERY SINGLE DAY….find something to be grateful for! Speak outloud as you are driving to work ” I am so thankful I have this car to drive to my job, that pays my bills, puts food on the table.” I don’t care if that job isn’t covering ALL your bills…BE GRATEFUL ANYWAY! SPEAK GRADITUDE UNTIL YOU SHIFT UP TO A BETTER JOB! A BETTER CAR! A BETTER LIFE! 


Thank you for reading this, for following my blog and for sharing this message! 

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