You didn’t realize I was even gone did you?
Thats ok. You will realize I WAS gone, because I am going to Bloggity, blog, blog, blog!!!

Where was I? On Facebook, but I allowed a little forgotten gmail password to stop me dead in my tracks!

Why? Well, the old 2016 ME used to let little things stop her.
But the 2017 ME, says NO WAY! I have words and thoughts in my head and even if no one cares, I am going to blog until I am dead! Hey, it rhymed….I had to do it.
My intent (new word to replace the word #goal) is to get some words on here every couple days. They might be random, crazy words or they might be deep heart felt words.
That’s the beauty of blogging….it can be whatever you …I CHOOSE!!
I can even blog a few times a day, if the mood hits me!
The page is blank and mine to fill!

What is something you are doing different in 2017?

I also got my hair cut short!! It was like cutting away part of the old me to make room for the NEW ME!!
It’s short and sassy to fit my height and personality!

I have an appointment to get to…but I will be back! My next INTENT is to tackle canva….and clean my house! 😊

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