Scale Back for a bit

Do you ever feel like you have too many irons in the fire and you can’t seem to keep them all lit?

This is where I have found myself many times in my life. I love to get involved in everything I possibly can. It fuels my spirit. But, yes there is a “but” I am learning I must make time for me. I need to find time to slow down and think, clear my head, re fuel my soul, meditate and really focus clearly on my life path, in order to be a better writer, coach, mentor and friend.

We all need to get to know ourselves on a deeper level, What do you want out of your life? This is your story, you are writing for the world. You are leaving a legacy to your family and friends, whether you want to or not. What you do with your life, is what you leave behind.

I understand not everyone has the desire to do anything more than raise a healthy family and have a happy life. Right? WAIT! I want that too… but I want MORE. I want more for my family, my children, my grandchildren. I want them to be proud of my accomplishments and for them to know they too can go out and do whatever it is their heart desires.

What our YOUR dreams? Desires? Take a moment to sit quietly and ask yourself TRUTHFULLY, what do you WANT OUT OF THIS LIFE? YOUR LIFE?

I remember when I was first married and had a one year old baby boy. Oh I loved my life, dont get me wrong, but I was very sad thinking this would be all I would ever BE. A wife and mother. I know that might sound selfish to women who long for that. We are ALLOWED to be selfish when it comes to our dreams.

Every Sunday afternoon, I would iron my husbands dress pants and shirts for the work week (Yes I was ecstatic when wrinkle free clothes came along!!!) I could hear my husband and son playing and laughing in the other room, while I ironed this endless pile of dress clothes. (It seemed endless) I would almost be in tears as I ironed, thinking to myself “Is this IT?” “Is this all I am made for?”

That was 25 years ago. I have had a very blessed, happy life and a wonderful family. (No it wasn’t always perfect or peaceful, I just choose to dwell on the good memories, I have been thru dark days, weeks, months and even years of very ugly times I thought would never turn around)

As my youngest son was getting ready to leave for college, I decided I was going to do something I have longed to do, my whole life. Write a book and get it published. I had heard about self publishing and on one of the evenings my husband and I were at a winery, someone was talking about a book they wrote and had self published. Me, being who I am walked over to the group of young people chatting and waited until I got the eye contact of the gal who was talking about self publishing and started asking questions. She was very happy to talk about her book and getting it published and the ups and downs.

I want to make it known that I was not born bold and out going. I was shy as a child, but as I got out into the world, I came to realize if I didn’t speak up and force myself to be bold, I missed out on many amazing opportunities that went to someone else. It got to the point that missing out on amazing chances hurt far more than speaking up and going after what I want.

Now that you know it doesn’t matter if you are shy right now… you CAN CHANGE.

Back to my book… I wrote that book, a teen romance (no sex story, or swearing) I wanted it to be something a parent felt safe having their 12 year old read. I paid to have it self published. I wasn’t looking to get rich… just cross it off my bucket list. The next story came into my head based off of a few characters from the first book, and then a third book. The 2nd book is over half way written and the third is still in my head waiting to get on the pages. They are having to wait longer than expected due to the writer (me) allowing the opinion of others to stop me in my path. Let me explain….

The book comes out (Twisted Hearts) my friends and family all love it and cant wait for the 2nd book, which I intended to write ASAP, until…. I read a review from a stranger on Amazon. That stranger, who for all I know could of been a jealous ex friend, who never went after their dreams, or a just a mean person. Here is a summary of what they wrote.
” I don’t know this author, but I couldn’t even finish reading this horribly written book, someone needs to tell her she is not a writer and should stop now.”

Now, looking back on those words… I laugh… I laugh that I allowed WORDS to de-rail the start of my dreams. That was 5  years ago! For 5 years I ALLOWED a stranger to end my dreams. How foolish of me!  I myself have read some books not so great… I would NEVER write for the world (Amazon readers) to see a bad review… I would just not read their work again. My book, was FUN for me to write and it is written for young teens! If this person didn’t like it or even finish it, then it wasn’t meant for them! END OF STORY!

I could of allowed my writing career to be over and it might have been if it wasn’t for meeting an amazingly talented women on periscope, Miss Julie Jordan Scott. I watched her scopes, where she read poetry so eloquently and she spoke as if a Harvard graduate. I quickly checked out her bio on her face book page and saw she had a history in theater and was a published Author several times over. I wanted to reach out and ask her opinion on getting my book edited (WHOOP THERE IT IS! I didn’t pay to have my book properly edited) Julie at that time seemed untouchable ( I know now she is the most warm hearted soul I may ever be so blessed to meet!) In my eyes, she was this regal person I wasn’t sure would want to be bothered by a simple, small town wanna be writer like me. (I now laugh at my silly thoughts as I am sure Julie will too!) (Just know Miss Julie how HIGH I regard you!)

I am so grateful I messaged Julie asking her opinion about getting my book edited and re launching it. She responded right away and that was the start of a life long friendship with this amazing woman. I get on her scopes and in her facebook groups any time I can, I do meditation right along with her on her daily meditation scopes and I cry when she tells her heartfelt stories of her life. I have learned she is also an artist and a very spiritual soul. To think, if I would of kept thinking she was untouchable, my book (Twisted Hearts) would not be edited and re launched this month!

SO… Have you figured out the reason for me cutting back on a few irons in the fire? My Writing. I want to get into a habit of daily or at least every other day writing in my blog. I need to finish (Twisted Minds) and I have a childrens book that after re doing it 5 times… is ready to go to print. I also NEED to be present daily in my coaching group, Empower You and get more involved in Push Thru 2 Positive (688 members). Still sound like alot? I guess I am only scaling back on a few irons. One sadly is something I love… PeriGirls Heart tribes. I took a hiatus from and I will be back, after things settle down.

Why did I tell you all this? I want to show you that you CAN GO AFTER YOUR DREAMS… you might have to turn off a few irons temporarily, and thats Ok. 12710715_10153436813735886_145263500281935452_o After all who is living YOUR LIFE? YOU! There will be many times in your life that you need to cut a few things out, for awhile. I still have many irons I am keeping lit. I had to look and figure out what was the best thing for me and my clients. I was just getting ready to launch one on one coaching to my Empower You group. I am putting that on hold until I see where I can fit it in. I don’t want to short anyone who needs my full attention.

I am not holding back from writing anymore, because in the words of Julie Jordan Scott “The world is waiting for my words.”








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