About Sara

Sara Schroeder believes everyone has a story to tell, every life has meaning, every soul has a purpose.

Sara developed a love for writing and drawing at a very young age, but didn’t put her skills to use until she wrote and published her first book “Twisted Hearts.” She went on to write “Twisted Minds” and is currently working on “Twisted Souls.” Young adult romances with a faith based message. While Sara loves writing for teens, and currently has her first adult romance in editing, she felt there was still something more she needed to use her writing for. So she started Praying and seeking wisdom from above. This led to her meeting some amazing women who were already walking in their soul journeys. The connections and timing could only be called “divine appointments.”

Sara had to look deep inside herself to find her soul’s purpose. Thru a writing workshop she attended online, she was led to write about an emotionally painful event that happened in her teens. This writing was done with many tears, but produced deep healing. This brought freedom for her and allowed her to seek training in helping other women heal from past pains. One of the trainings Sara attended taught the KEY that would totally FREE her, to have a life of Joy, Wealth and Abundance. She teaches this Self Talk Tapping that still continues to improve her life and those of her clients in her Facebook group “Power thru the Crap.”

Click on the menu above that says “Power thru the Crap” to learn more and start on your own journey of Joy, Wealth and Abundance!


6 thoughts on “About Sara

  1. I would like to say thank you for all your inspiration , you really helped my sister Gina & now your helping me and I love reading all your things and all the workouts you put up , and I fall back , I always know that i’ll see something from you that will pick me back up , So thank you !!

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  2. SARA! This is Donna Krueger, (WABEDO) and I just learned about your wonderful talent for writing. Talked with Leeann and she mentioned it. How wonderful to be able to express your self in such a meaningful way. I will definitely pick up one. Hope you’re having a great summer. Donna


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