Hi, My name is Sara Schroeder, and I am a Dream Life Manifestation Coach. I will show you how to get rid of what is stopping you from manifesting the life you desire to have. Guide you into the ease of manifesting with 3 powerful steps: Ask, Believe and Receive, but I don’t stop there. I will hold your hand as together we dig deep, break barriers, heal and Celebrate your success.


I have known Sara over a year and we have become good friends. She is a wonderful person and a great friend. She has helped me overcome many challenges, seen me through good and bad times, especially in business. She is always there to give me some positive advice in all areas spiritually, mentally, and even financially. We laugh, we cry, we periscope together. Her Positivity and Mindset help to encourage not only myself but others around her. She really inspires me to be better. She is a Rockstar! Cindy A

Cindy A.


I just wanted to take a moment to share what an amazing person Sara Schroeder is. She has been an amazing friend and mentor to me for the past almost year. She inspires me to keep going when things get tough. I’ve learned so much from her, including how to run a business from home. No matter how bad things seem, she’s always there telling me something positive will come from it and not to give up. So thank you Sara for always being there when I need you and for being such an inspiration when times are tough.



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